Ubuntu 12 - Convert Music Videos into mp3

You can find all the music you want on youtube, but if you want to play just the music in your Ipod, or play in Rhythmbox, as well as saving space etc, then you can just convert it into an mp3 file. When I did this, it reduced the file from 37.2 MB to just 3MB.

    Make sure you have installed vlc (can get it from the software center)
    Run this command in your terminal to ensure you have the codecs to perform the conversion:
    sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-extra-53
    Open up VLC media player.
    Click convert / Save from the file menu (Media -> Convert/Save)
    Click Add
    Add the music video you want to convert to MP3
    Click convert/save
    In the destination file put in .mp3 (manually putting in .mp3 at end is important).
    Change the drop down menu next to 'profile' to 'Audio - MP3'. 
    Click Start
    Your done! The file should be in your home folder.

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