Make Gedit 3 like Notepad++ with Plugins

  • Smart Highlighting
    • Automatic highlighting of selected text (Necessity when looking for a variable or for people who are slightly dyslexic and quite often find it impossible to spot miss-spelled variables)
  • Click Config
    • If your like me and like to have words in variables split with _ and not just capitalization, then you need this plugin to edit your double clicking in gedit to auto include the _.
  • Control Your Tabs
    • One of the most useful features of notepad++ was the ability to alternate through your tabs in the order in which you have been editing them. Quite often you may have tens or hundreds of files open at one time, but you are usually only changing two or three of them at one time and just need to go back to the previous tab/page you were on.
  • Advanced Find
    • The default find in gedit is very limited since it doesn't have the option for searching other tabs you have open. With this plugin you can run searches across all your open tabs, or even across all your files in a specific directory. I find it easier to have a separate gedit instance open for each project and have advanced find set to just search all tabs open in that instance. Automatic highlighting of search results is a side bonus.
Just download that and copy the plugin and python files into your .local/share/gedit/plugins folder. If it doesn't already exist (It didnt for me on Ubuntu 12) then just create the folder before putting them in there.


Alternatively, you could just use sublime text editor which has all these features by default and is a lot better looking. Installation is pretty easy with these command line instructions.

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