Access Geolocation Locked Sites Without a VPN


It turns out that sites such as Hulu may not 'work' even after setting up and routing all your traffic through an American VPN. I am guessing this is because "There are rumors that Hulu blocks High Traffic IP addresses as anonymous proxies." Please note that I had already made sure to disable the sharing of geolocation through the Firefox browser itself.

Here I am going to show you how to use the free Tunlr service which resolves this issue. This is the very rare "real" kind of free, not the free where you have to pay for some extras or end up downloading a virus. It also turns out that if you do this, you do not need a VPN at all, which can save you a little money and reduces a bandwidth bottleneck.

This article was developed on an Ubuntu 13.04 machine, but is easily applied to other operating systems such as Windows/Mac, you just have to know how to change your DNS network settings.


    Go to the menu to edit your network connections:
    Select your current internet connection (usually eth0) and click 'Edit...'
    Click the IPv4 Settings tab.
    If you are using DHCP rather than static IP (most people) change the Method to Automatic (DHCP) addresses only so that you can change the DNS settings.Enter the following text into the DNS servers box:,
    Click "Save"
    Go to the status check and ensure the last header looks like below:

Extra Info

Tunlr doesn't route multimedia content over an intermediary network, only the speed of your internet connection is the limiting factor. The Super User article linked below explained this better: "The only part that's proxied is the geo authorization and the initial data stream (which is mangled to include your real IP). This is why it's so fast because they're only man-in-the-middle proxying up until the streaming begins ."


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