DHCP - set MAC specific IPs (PXE dhcp config)

Dear all, Ever configured your own DHCP server and thought "I would love to be able to make sure only this computer/device gets this IP and stays that way.". You can easily do this on your home router, and now I will show you how to do this with your manually configured dhcp server. This is also useful if you want to only PXE boot a certain machine(s). Here is an example config: The key thing to note is the use of the hardware address which is the MAC. You can set the IP of the computer to anything you like, in this example I have set it to Also note that sticking the host outside of the subnet block causes this to not work. To add more devices, just keep adding host blocks. Please note that you probably don't want the line:
ignore client-updates;
as that was just in there for this to be used as a pxe boot dhcp server.

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