OpenVPN - Additional Configurations

If you have just run one of my OpenVPN installation tutorials, there are some more commands that you may wish to run on the server for additional functionality.

After you have finished running the commands you desire, don't forget to restart the OpenVPN service for it to take effect!

Allow Multiple Clients With Same Certificate

If you are extremely lazy like myself, you will run through the installation tutorial and not think twice about creating separate certificates for each user and just provide your computers with the same set of details. If you want to allow two or more of these machines to both be connected at the same time, then you need to run this command.

sed -i "s:;duplicate-cn:duplicate-cn:" /etc/openvpn/server.conf

Allow Clients To See Each Other

If you want the computers connected to the VPN to be able to see and connect to each other (e.g. it's a private VPN rather than a public one), then you need to run the following command:

sed -i "s:;client-to-client:client-to-client:" /etc/openvpn/server.conf

Allow Windows OpenVPN Clients

For some reason, I could only get windows clients to connect if I set dev tun instead of dev tap

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