Get Started with Satis Using Docker

In an effort to make my previous tutorial on how to set up a Satis server easier, I have created this tutorial aimed at docker users whereby you will only need to edit two small config files.

    Log into your server.
    Install docker if you haven't already.
    Download the tar.gz file I created
    Extract the file
    tar --extract --gzip --file satis-server.tar.gz
    Edit the config file and put in your SVN details.
    editor satis-server/config-volume/
    Update the satis.json file with details of your packages.
    editor satis-server/config-volume/satis.json
    Build the container and run it
    cd satis-server/docker-satis/docker-satis
    Thats it! You now have a docker container running your satis server. You now just need to update your firewall so that it only allows your known IPs through e.g.
    iptables -A INPUT -s -p tcp -j ACCEPT

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