CentOS 6.5 - Install OpenVPN Server

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  1. .Thank you for a great post and video. I had been looking for a current one for a long time. If I had a network @ the server of and a network at the client of; would it be possible to be able to get from any workstation on the to get to any work station on the network as if they were in the same location even though they would be on opposite sides of the country? If so could you give an example of what each the server.config and the client.conf would look like to make that happen, please?

    1. You would probably want to start by setting up two clients with static IP's

      and also enable clients to see and connect to each as explained here:

      You can then access each network by first SSHing into the static ip of the other network and then going from there. There may be a nicer way to bridge the networks that I havent thought of though.