Ubuntu12 - backup/copy your DVDs

For christmas, I received a box set of Red Dwarf. If you're like me, you find the act of swapping out physical dvd disks in a player a bit 'stone-age' and want to keep all your files on your network instead. I thought this would be straight forward in Brasero but got an error message when copying to a file, stating that I need to manually install 'libdvdcss.so.2'. The solution is to run the following commands:
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh
After that is done, your brasero can easily copy the images as shown. If you get an encryption/region error (because like me your laptop is American and you are backing up an english dvd for example), all you need to do is set the region of your dvd player.
sudo apt-get install regionset
sudo regionset
Follow the instructions. The region number for North America/USA is 1, and for Europe/UK it is 1.

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