Ubuntu 12 - Reduce Mouse Sensitivity/Input Even Further (Deceleration)

Today, I plugged in my O3 gaming mouse and noticed that it was way too sensitive to be useable. I Immediately went to the mouse sensitivity GUI and made sure sensitivity and acceleration were at a minimum, which they already were.
As always with Linux, there is a command line solution.


    Input the following command in a terminal
    xinput --list --short

    You should get a display similar to below:
    Make note of the id(s) beside your mouse. Unfortunately for me, it appears that my mouse showed up twice so I had to try the following command with both ids until it had an effect.
    xinput --set-prop (id-here) "Device Accel Constant Deceleration" (sensitivity-level)
    Please make sure to swap 'id-here' with the id of your mouse, and the '(sensitivity-level') with a number, bearing in mind the higher the number, the less sensitive the mouse will be, so 5 will move the pointer slower than 3. For my cheap Logitech b100, I found 2.5 to be the ideal number.
    That's it, the changes should be immediately noticeable, if not, try reducing the number you put in, or check your id again.


Lowering Mouse Sensitivity in Ubuntu and Fedora

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