VirtualBox - Solving Network Issues with Cloning Virtual Machines

Rather than have to manually set another ubuntu server, I cloned one. I had issues when trying to run them both at the same time after having just performed the clone. This was because they both had the same IP address and performing a dhcp release/refresh would not automatically change it. This was because both of the devices had the same MAC address so the dhcp server was keeping both machines 'in-sync'.


  • Turn off one of the virtual machines.
  • Go into the network settings.
  • Make sure the 'advanced' section is open and click the text if it is not.
  • Hit the green arrow to refresh/create a new MAC address.
  • Start the virtual machine.
  • Update the mac address on the machine by editing: /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
  • Run this command to renew ip from dhcp server:
    sudo dhclient -r

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