Ubuntu - Record Skype Calls


These days, it can be very useful to record your telephone conversations, not only to help solve legal arguments, but also in order to be able to remember details you may have forgotten. Please be aware that if you are recording a conversation, you may need to state that this is the case if you intend to use it for a third party. In the uk you do not need to notify the other person that you are recording a conversation if you intend to be the only person using it. More details here.
Download and install the skype call recorder from this website
Make sure you have the relevant libs by running this command:
sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8
Try to run the skype call recorder with the command:


  1. I guess MX Skype Recorder is also a very good option
    Hope you'll like it!

    1. Yah if you want to pay for something that is already readily available for free as shown in this post....