Create a Rackspace Cloud Mantis Bug Tracker

  1. Sign up to rackspace cloud
  2. Select the minimum specs virtual machine with the Ubuntu 12.04 Operating System
  3. sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    apt-get dist-upgrade.
  4. sudo apt-get install tasksel
  5. tasksel install lamp-server (remember the passwords you set)
  6. Download the latest version of mantis
  7. Extract the zip.
  8. Send the files within the folder to your rackspace cloud server's /var/www folder, so that index.php will be overwritten. (ie mantis isnt still inside one folder)
  9. Type the ip address of your rackspace cloud server into your browser.
  10. Fill in the details of your mysql database and hit next
  11. Check over all the fields to make sure green except for one which is next step
  12. Create the config_inc.php file like it tells you. (use vi in terminal)
  13. Click next/install
  14. On the main login page now, enter 'administrator' as username and 'root' as password
  15. Change your password!
  16. Create a gmail account (or use an existing one) but make sure 2-factor authentication is NOT enabled on it
  17. vi /var/www/config_defaults_inc.php
  18. Change '$g_phpMailer_method' to have value 'PHPMAILER_METHOD_SMTP'
  19. Set $g_smtp_host to ''
  20. Enter the gmail username for $g_smtp_username e.g.
  21. Set $g_smtp_password to the gmail account's password
  22. Set $g_smtp_connection_mode to 'ssl'
  23. Set $g_smtp_port to 465
  24. Save and quit the file
  25. rm -rf /var/www/admin
  26. Now you can create accounts by logging out and Clicking the 'Signup for a new account' and then clicking the email link you get.

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