VirtualBox - Install DSL guest

1. Download Virtualbox from Software Center
2. Download the dsl iso
3. Start Virtualbox
4. Click New
5. Click Next
6. Give your guest os a name, such as DSL and set the Operating System to Linux Version 2.4 as shown.
7. Set the ram to 64mb to allow dsl to start with gui quickly
 8. Click Next to create a new startup disk

Click next to use default disk type:

On the next screen choose whether you want a fixed size or dynamically allocated. I like to use fixed size and set it to something small.
1 Gigabyte should be more than enough. Click create on the final screen.

Now you should have a screen similar to below with the guest os you just created:

Click the Settings cog when the guest os is highlighted.

Navigate to the 'storage' section and add the iso as a virtual cd. Make sure to tick the 'live cd' option:

Navigate to System and untick the 'enable absolute pointing device' in order to have the mouse work in DSL.

Click ok before then hitting the Green arrow for 'start'.

You should boot up to get a window like this:

Type install to get installation options or just hit enter to run in ram (you wont be able to save data etc)

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