Automatic SSH Login


Do you have dozens of servers to keep track of? Do you find it hard or annoying to look up the addresses/password combinations all the time in order to ssh into them? Well this tutorial shows you how to solve that problem.



1. Copy the following code into a file:
2. Customise the 'buildServerList' function by adding your own servers and removing the example one that is in there. (Just create a new 'lappend' line for each server) 3. Save it somewhere safe and secure; preferably somewhere encrypted as there are plain text passwords in there!
4.Make it executeable:
chmod +x
5. Create an alias to run it:
vi ~/.bashrc
6. Enter this into the file:
alias new_command_name='tclsh path-to-your-script-here'
7. Save the file and now you can just type that command!

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